Carriage House Glass Studio is located in a small antique barn that was originally utilized as an actual “carriage house” back in the days of horse and buggy transportation.

The studio is operated by resident artist, James, who started the studio for the specific purpose of creating art from the many types of reclaimed glass that cannot be recycled by most municipalities.

Most recycling programs will only accept glass used for food packaging (bottles and jars). This is due to the compatibility of the glass, common colors and melting points, etc. Other types of glass (while technically possible to recycle) are generally not considered economical to recycle – due to physical incompatibility with bottles and jars – so are generally dumped in landfills. These include window glass, vases, decorative glass, mirror glass, serving trays, crystal, etc.

“Instincts are Angels – let them guide you.”

The “Glass Angels” Series was conceived in March 2018 when the artist came into possession of a large amount of broken vintage window glass that the local municipalities deemed “non-recyclable”. Unwilling to see it all go to a landfill, the artist decided to convert this perfectly viable utilitarian material into art glass. Pondering all the new artistic forms the glass could take, Angels felt right – like glass, they are special, they are beautiful, they are infinite.

Each Glass Angel is a uniquely beautiful one-of-a-kind art piece. No two are ever identical due to the varied nature of the glass sourcing/melting/molding process. When held up to the light, each Angel will show different interior characteristics, crazing, fault lines, surface textures and natural flaws. Glass Angels are never drilled, polished or ground after firing in the kiln. Formed at varied intense temperatures up to 1,775 degrees, they come from the mold in their raw new form, exactly as you see them.

While many Angels in the series will have had a previous life as antique/vintage window glass, some Angels are created from other types of lovely reclaimed glass – often antique/vintage items, sometimes even modern glass items.

Your Angel is rather delicate by nature. Be careful with her and she’ll last a lifetime and beyond. If she ever breaks, don’t despair, just keep all of her pieces and return her to the artist – she will simply be “re-fired” in the kiln and born again whole. Glass is one of the few materials that can be recycled infinitely – economically or not. So like all Angels – yours is infinite. Enjoy her. It’s fun to believe our Glass Angels bring good luck and peace of mind to everyone they meet.

** If you ever have a special piece of glass; or a sentimental glass item that breaks, and you’d like to see it reborn as a Glass Angel (rather than simply throwing it away), just contact Carriage House Glass Studio and we’ll create a custom Angel from virtually any viable glass (must have at least 35 grams of glass material to start with).

“She believes in Angels

She believes in the will of the Gods

And she’s dancing…

With a dream in her heart”

                                       – Severina, 1986 (Lyrics by W. Hussey)


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